Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hi, everyone! Shabbat shalom, and happy September. I just finished my first week of real college classes (phew!) and am so happy that I get a chance to relax. Just a reminder: if you haven't yet, remember to follow me on twitter (@operasuperstar), find me on facebook, and, as well. I'm studying French for the first time in my life, and I need to catch up on my music theory. Love to all and wishing you peace, love, and chocolate.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sorry it's taken me forever to post something new on here. Facebook and college tends to take up a lot of my time...
So, I just finished this AMAZING book called Ordinary Radical, by Shane Claiborne. He takes the gospel quite literally, and has let Christ lead him all over the world, including a ten-week stint with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India; Baghdad, Iraq, where he visited children's hospitals that had been bombed (yes, by Americans) and worshiped with the Christians there; and downtown Philly, where he is one of the co-founders of an "experiment in community," The Simple Way. God has truly blessed him.
I also decided to start using another book that he co-wrote in my devotional life: Common Prayer. Such a beautiful collection of liturgy. I highly recommend it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almost forgot to mention...

I'm on Twitter, as well! My username is @operasuperstar...follow me! It's easier to update that then travel to my blog sometimes...

Random Stuff that's happening

Checked out It's really a cool site; I recommend you guys take a gander at it.
Started a new devotional book and a book with daily readings from C.S. Lewis.
Need to turn in my staff re-application for camp this next summer.
1st Semester coming to a close...shoot me now.
Also in love with, as well. Honestly, how do they cram that many wonderful pieces of clothing onto one site?